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Fear & Loathing – chapter 5

a little change-up, a small tip of the hat to that forgotten principle of variety… today’s installment, comes from the shuttered confines of Prospero’s Books. Yes, yes, every now and again, an erstwhile customer rattles the Locked door seeking egress (more…)

Fear & Loathing chapter 4

These were the years of Nixon, Watergate, Vietnam, Ali v. Fraiser. Hunter torches all of them. On more than occasion, Steadman also trains his talents on them.

But Trump! I don’t know whether to be shocked or outraged or flabbergasted (more…)

Fear & Loathing chapter 3

In the face of ever evolving tech issues, here’s chapter 3. (chapter 4 will be close behind). oh yes, and another image bootlegged from the KCPL Ralph Steadman exhibit. This one is KC-centric and touches upon the 76 Republican Convention (more…)

Ralph Steadman

Fear & Loathing chapter 2

day 3 since KC entered social distancing quarantine. All reports are that most of us are holding, if trending towards twitchy as a crack baby. Hold fast, peeps. Go for a walk. Check in with your people and make (more…)

Fear & Loathing

to pass the time, I am going to read a chapter every day (14 chapters, 14 days), from Hunter S. Thompson’s splendid insanity of a book: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Please tune in – Hell, share this link (more…)


I stand at the counter, listening to the rain.  Coffee cup empty, waiting.  The kitchen, still groggy, offers up its best, tawny yawn.  In the dark just outside, fat, spring drops indulge a swollen, soft-shoe on the deck timbers.  I (more…)