Fear & Loathing chapter 2

day 3 since KC entered social distancing quarantine. All reports are that most of us are holding, if trending towards twitchy as a crack baby. Hold fast, peeps. Go for a walk. Check in with your people and make sure they’re all ok. Pour yourself a stiff one, sit back and let’s enjoy chapter 2 of the Duke’s splendid narrative of mayhem and chaos.

In answer to the questions regarding the images at the top of these posts: last summer, KCMo Library hosted a showing of a hundred or so of Ralph Steadman’s illustrations. Several of these were KC-centric — drawn at the time of the Republican National Convention. This was the era of Nixon and Vietnam and Watergate. These had been held privately and hadn’t been seen in quite some time. I took R– to see the exhibit on two occasions, and went back myself on two more. Steadman was life-long friend and illustrator for Hunter Thompson.

Now that you have the time, it might be fun for you to check out Anthony Bourdain’s Destination Unknown episode with Steadman … google it (then google the episode featuring Joe Rogan, Jim Harrison and the wide Montana skies… but I digress)

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