As Publisher, Editor, Author

Missouri is a Ghost Shaped Thing - Cover

Missouri is a Ghost Shaped Thing

Literary Journal
Essay, Naturalism,
by Jason Vaughn and w.e. leathem
Spartan Press, 2019

… of a feather

Finding Zen in Cowtown - Cover

Finding Zen in Cowtown

Anthology, poetry
w.e. leathem, contributor
Spartan Press, 2017
editors: Jason Ryberg and Jeanette Powers
Photography: Jon Bidwell

Deep Chigger Shade

Alternative American Magazine - 1st Edition 2004

Alternative American Magazine

Cultural arts magazine
w.e. leathem, editor and contributor
Spartan Press, 2003

Ghoulish Intent - Cover

Ghoulish Intent

Anthology, horror
w.e. leathem, editor, contributor
Unholy Day Press, 2003

Prospero's Pocket Poets - War Raw, Back-Words - Cover

Prospero’s Pocket Poets – War Raw, Back-Words

Anthology: poetry chapbook 
w.e. leathem, editor, contributor
Spartan Press, 2003

'Leavened 911 - Cover

‘Leavened 911

‘Anthology: poetry, essay
w.e. Leathem, Editor, Contributor
Unholy Day Press, 2002
Photography: Jon Bidwell

The Phoenix

Prospero's Pocket Poets - Cover

Prospero’s Pocket Poets, Vol. 1

Poems by w.e. leathem
Spartan Press, 2001