Under Covers

Daybreak junkies
sit on busses,
pull close trench-coat recollections

door hinges in need of fixing,
island getaway cruises, 
a where, a who to call their own

Cock-crow attendants
thumb newsprint strategies,
     curse behind steering wheels,
spill coffee in their laps

All the while lugging 
the briefcases filled
with places they’d rather be 

Sunset demons
gun accelerators,
     honk desperate horns,

cut off those in the way,
all those who dare dampen
the velocity necessary
to carry them free

Weekend professionals,
Under-the-hood procrastinators,
     Dabbling in gardens

Architects of good times,
they sip cold-beer aspirations,
pretend it is enough

Midnight dreamers
rock on porch swings,
     sit in windows,
inhale the cigarette imaginings

With eyes closed,
they fervently pray
for an end to work-a-day hostilities

Late-for-bed agonizers
switch off lights,
     double check doors,
slip beneath fervent sheets

In search of a star
more distant 
than a cold war